Tuesday, 20 July 2010

it is dicovered why cleavers/sticky buds are called thus

cleavers goosegrass stickybuds galium aparine
also Barweed. Hedgeheriff. Hayriffe. Eriffe. Grip Grass. Hayruff. Catchweed. Scratweed. Mutton Chops. Robin-run-in-the-Grass. Loveman. Goosebill. Everlasting Friendship

the late 16th centuary herbalist John Gerard had them down as a slimming aid. perhaps the potage of oats and cleavers should be tried.

A relative of coffee and quinine. the seeds have been used in the past, roasted, as a coffee substitute. mightly fiddlesome job I'd say. Don't touch the stuff myself. Also a spring tonic.

As I am in Cymru/Wales I should add: cwlwm coed; llysiau'r hidl; wil gariadus; cwsberis bach; bwyd gwyddau; cynga; beilie; bwms; llau'r offeiriad
and in Brittany: karantez; krogerez;louzaouen ar paour; peg speg; seregenn;seregenn vihan; skleregen vihan; skraperez;stagerez; stakerez; toed evn; pegas; saragerez; luierez