Wednesday, 23 March 2011

llyffaint/toads & other stuff

SO now when I go out at night I have to dodge the toads, don;t want to splat one do I? They are not always very big. During the day there is a lot of activity in the pond but there appears to be only a couple of females and some 30 odd males. This year they seem to be not too far behind the frogs.

And what else is going on? well yesterday it was over 16C and i suspect warmer today. i enjoyed quite a lot of sitting around in the sun. Added to the rather repetitive Chaffinch we have now had the Chiffchaff (the last two days). Now that is repetative see here. We all seem eager for it to arrive but then wonder why.
The cherry plum is in blossom. Oh back to birds - thought I should mention the mistle thrush. it sings rather well.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

woodpeckers and bumble bees and frogs spawn

Saw the first bumblebee yesterday

And must add that she got me to look up and there were three greater spotted woodpeckers (for info click here) flying about making a fuss. See one on the bird feeder during the winter.

Also the frogs have been filling up the pond and at nights now - except the frosty ones there are some dozen toads to walk around on my before bed stroll. A female got into my room, it is suggested that she was attempting a short cut through the house to the pond, avoiding the boys.

Spring or Gwanwyn as they say in these parts

Well it seems to be the season changes

I get woken up a bit early by the brightness. Have heard them muttering about clock changes later in the month, never really understand that. But do note that there is a lie in sometime in the autumn and a sudden early wakening in the spring. I'm not too happy about too much of an early morning disturbance.

I've tried telling that damn chaffinch as such. He sings his rather repetitive song from an early hour, I know it will only get earlier and earlier (for song, if you can call it that click here). But not only does he "sing" but he rap tap taps on the glass of the door and the window - how am I supposed to get decent day times naps with such behaviour.

having my nose to the ground I notice the small new green growth

very quickly after the snow and frost the chickweed was up and away, even recovering after a hefty frost. pesto making was talked about.

gwylyddyn-y-dom chickweed : blodau : flower

and now the little speedwell is opening up - well would do if the sun did shine a bit...

llygad doli veronica chamaedrys speedwell

if you click on these photos you will find out more information about their names in Latin, Welsh, Breton even Cornish. i commision her to take photos for me and sometimes she does a thorough job.

more evidence in the snow

how's this for a bird print. Big one this - up the mountain. Raven? Buzzard?

traces of wings
and somebodies christmas brunch

remains detail




The thing about snow is that you don;t always have to be tunneling underneath it (see these two blog entries) to find out how the small mammals are doing, who's about. They leave little tracks on the surface. Of course with my nose I can tell you about tracks without the white stuff, but these little tracks are definitely useful to those without such a gift