Wednesday, 23 March 2011

llyffaint/toads & other stuff

SO now when I go out at night I have to dodge the toads, don;t want to splat one do I? They are not always very big. During the day there is a lot of activity in the pond but there appears to be only a couple of females and some 30 odd males. This year they seem to be not too far behind the frogs.

And what else is going on? well yesterday it was over 16C and i suspect warmer today. i enjoyed quite a lot of sitting around in the sun. Added to the rather repetitive Chaffinch we have now had the Chiffchaff (the last two days). Now that is repetative see here. We all seem eager for it to arrive but then wonder why.
The cherry plum is in blossom. Oh back to birds - thought I should mention the mistle thrush. it sings rather well.

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